Torotel 400HZ Power Transformers
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400hz Power Transformers

Our 400 Hz transformers offer maximum power with a flexible design—perfect for power and control applications. They are used chiefly in the power supplies of all types of equipment, including instrumentation, welding, test equipment, communications, and navigation systems.

• 400 Hz Miniature Power Transformer— offers the maximum power available in the smallest package size. It comes in power ratings from 0.5 VA – 40 VA, and in weights from 0.4 oz. – 5.8 oz. The parts can be ordered to the MIL-PRF-27 Qualified Products List part number, or as a COTS version of the military product.
* See COTS version

• 400 Hz Power Transformer— a standard epoxy encapsulated transformer, designed for inputs of 120V, 400 Hz, and secondary voltages up to 300V. These parts can be provided in single phase or 3-phase with tapewound toroids, E or C cores, or laminations. The parts can be ordered to the MIL-PRF-27 Qualified Products List for Military Programs, or as a commercial COTS part.

• 400 Hz Hermetically Sealed Power Transformer— our 400 Hz transformers can also be ordered in a hermetically sealed version.

400 Hz Miniature Power Transformers

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