Torotel Auto Transformer Rectifier Units
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ATRUs (Auto Transformer Rectifier Units)

Power electronics play a lead role enabling the replacement of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems in contemporary, highly electric aircraft. This shift affects commercial and military aircraft development driven by the design and development of aircraft power electronics converters with reduced weight and highly efficient operation.

Auto-transformer rectifier units (ATRUs) provide simple, affordable, efficient, light-weight and reliable converters while meeting recent stringent power quality requirements. Torotel has experience with the application of ATRUs with both symmetric and asymmetric designs. Symmetric designs are already in use for a variety of alternating current/direct current applications. ATRU converters are currently utilized in low power appliance applications as passive filters for certain bridge rectifiers and will eventually be operational in non-regenerative motor drive and other three-phase AC/DC power conversion applications.

Although we continually expand our expertise and capability, Torotel’s current design and production capacity includes: 6, 12 and 18 pulse transformer rectifier units up to 30 KVA maximum.

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