Torotel Capabilities
engineering and manufacturing For Highly reliable magnetic components and assemblies


Meeting or Exceeding Expectations

Our clients demand reliable high-quality products. At Torotel, we deliver specialized magnetic components and assemblies designed to meet our client’s most challenging requirements. Our commitment to continually improving our engineering and manufacturing practices, people and technology enables us to meet or exceed standards in every industry we serve.

Torotel specializes in designs for the military, avionics, energy, industrial, and commercial industries.  We have produced 34,000 custom qualified designs and have spent more than 50 years manufacturing high-reliable parts for our customers.

Although we continually expand our expertise and capabilities, Torotel’s current design and production capability includes:

  • Temperature Range: -70° C to 220° C (220° C U.L. Recognized Insulation System)
  • Power/Voltage: 500 KVA max. / 35 KV max.
    3 KVA max. / 3 KV max.
  • Single/Three-Phase
  • Frequency: 50 HZ to 250 MHZ
  • Wire Types: 5 twin to 50 AWG, Litz, Foil
  • Military Specifications: MIL-PRF-27; Grades 4 (hermetically sealed), 5 (encapsulated), 6 (open construction); MIL-STD-202 (testing)
  • Construction Types: Laminated, Cut Core, Torodidal, Planar, Ferrites
  • Thermal Shock: : -70° C to 200° C

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