Doing Business With Torotel
engineering and manufacturing For Highly reliable magnetic components and assemblies

We deliver:

  • Project dedication and design collaboration
  • Demonstrated quality and reliability
  • Efficient turn-around times
  • Lean manufacturing and cost-effectiveness

Business Policies

At Torotel, our relationship with our customers, vendors, and employees are all important to us. If we were to neglect any one of the three, our entire chain of service would be compromised.

For our customers, our goal is to exceed your expectations every day we provide you with our services. From product design to delivery, we strive to be the best.

When we work well with our vendors, they provide us with cost-effective, quality products on time. We are then able to pass that on to our customers.

Torotel is proud to say we are staffed with outstanding employees who enjoy working for our company. We have become an employer of choice because of our ability to offer excellent benefits, pay, atmosphere, and culture for our high-caliber staff.

Click on the links below to view some of our vendor, customer and employee policies.

Vendor Terms and Conditions

Sales Terms and Conditions

Equal Opportunity Employment Statement

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Doing Business
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