Torotel Is A Leading Energy Magnetic Supplier
engineering and manufacturing For Highly reliable magnetic components and assemblies


Innovative Solutions for Complex Oil and Gas Applications

What separates Torotel from other magnetics suppliers is our vast experience developing solutions for applications that address the demands of high vibration, high pressure, and high temperature environments. For scenarios where the downtime or failure of an integrated electrical system can be costly or even dangerous, our demonstrated success engineering and manufacturing components that deliver reliability in extreme conditions, brings peace of mind. From initial concepts to established designs, a single product to thousands, large to small, Torotel offers cost-effective, highly reliable solutions customized to fit your needs.

High Reliability Magnetics for Applications

  • Standard products rated for 220 °C continuous operation
  • Custom engineered solutions for over 250 °C
  • Comprehensive range of core types and configurations from miniature SMD inductors up to 250KVA 3-phase transformers
  • Solenoid coils, inductors, chokes, line reactors
  • Extensive in-house testing capabilities

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