Engineering Design At Torotel
engineering and manufacturing For Highly reliable magnetic components and assemblies

Engineering Design

We address the engineering needs of any component with a flexible, collaborative approach. Since some products require significant customization, we develop solid working relationships with our client’s engineers so designs can be produced with feedback in a timely manner. Our veteran engineering team often makes helpful adjustments to design during the process, leading to strong prototypes and exceptional production units. This combination of experience and collaboration produces a high level of confidence that Torotel will deliver flexible, resilient components when and how you need them.

Collaborative Relationships with Clients

The majority of what we design and build are custom solutions to fit customer specific applications. Our engineers work as part of a team with our client’s engineering and supply chain teams to develop solutions that meet specification, quality and schedule requirements.

Cost Effective Design Principles/Engineering for Reliability

Design For Manufacturability (DFM), Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing are part of our DNA at Torotel. Our design, manufacturing and quality engineers work together from the initial concept stage to develop products that have reliable supply chain sources, fit well with our manufacturing processes, and have critical to function parameters identified. This enables us to produce products with short cycle times, high reliability and consistent continuity of supply. This all translates to lower cost of ownership for our customers.

Rapid Prototyping/Rescuing Troubled Projects

In a perfect world every project would go exactly as scheduled. Sometimes, however, extra-ordinary capabilities are needed to help get a project schedule back on track. Advantage Torotel. With our streamlined design and manufacturing approach based on lean manufacturing principles we can get prototype or production parts in your hands quickly. Our industry leading cycle time is just one of the differentiators that make Torotel your supplier of choice.

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