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Velocity 6

Torotel’s success today and in the future depends on our ability to effectively adapt to change. To help us do this, we have created a business model called Velocity 6. With a foundation built on Lean/Six Sigma Manufacturing philosophies and the use of several continuous improvement tools such as Demand Flow Technology (DFT) and Supplier Excellence Alliance (SEA) Torotel has continually expanded the level and scope of manufacturing services being offered to our clients. Specifically, DFT helps Torotel respond to a client more quickly, reliably and efficiently.

We believe in the importance of ensuring that our processes are resourceful, repeatable and prompt. The Torotel staff is equipped to follow lean techniques and are trained by JCIT International, the industry leader in DFT.

"DFT (Demand Flow® Technology) is a business strategy... It is an absolute business discipline for every one of us from the factory floor to the office. It is another way to simplify the business. It is a way to put order into everything you do."
Jack Welch
Author and Former GE CEO

Streamlining means speed and responsiveness.
The method behind Demand Flow Technology is to alleviate excess. By streamlining the way in which parts are shelved, moved, or tracked, there are no extraneous steps and little downtime. At Torotel, we believe we can produce your custom magnetics in a more responsive, cost-effective and flexible manner than any of our competitors.

The manufacturing business is more competitive today than it has ever been. At Torotel, we are on the forefront in our field, making it our pledge to ensure each and every client receives the best that our team has to offer. In doing so, we invest in techniques such as DFT and lean manufacturing, because we know it’s not what we make that matters as much as how we make it that delivers a world of difference for clients.

Simplicity, delivered.
By using DFT, Torotel has been able to reduce flow time by more than half through simplifying our manufacturing methodologies. By enacting lean manufacturing processes such as decreasing steps between jobs and keeping products off of the shelf, we have been able to increase our flexibility and cut production time from 67 to 26 days.

Through this system, we are able to map out the life of each product from the beginning of the sale until it is shipped out the back door. In doing so, we are able to distinguish which processes add value and which just add to the bottom line. Any steps that are not valuable are removed from the process.

Proven Methods
Various methodologies are used in DFT to decrease downtime and simplify the manufacturing process. Some of the methods include more efficient ways to procure materials and how to train employees to increase their flexibility and quality.

Other benefits of DFT include:

  • Streamlining the balancing and linking of batch processes
  • Pricing products and reporting performance using minimal labor absorption
  • Pulling purchased and manufactured materials without the paperwork
  • Getting materials to the floor on time while maintaining inventory
  • Quality and traceability

Tools & Flexibility

At Torotel, we've built Total Quality Measurements into our everyday management. Our manufacturing staff uses this quality control system to allow each team member to be responsible for his or her own work. As a product is moved through production, each employee has a visual aid that assists in verifying their work, confirming the process was completed correctly and their own work was done properly before moving the part to the next stage.

DFT enlists the Japanese manufacturing process of Kanban, or “visual control.” Kanban integrates flexibility in managing material flow during production.  Torotel staff has undergone DFT training to ensure that each member of our team is flexible and mobile. When an employee’s station is full, he or she simply moves on to another station, saving downtime of both staff and parts. This process allows for greater in-time delivery and control of the inventory.

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