The Torotel Approach
engineering and manufacturing For Highly reliable magnetic components and assemblies

Our Approach

It’s not what we make, it’s how we make it.

At Torotel, we make it a point to understand and react to our clients and their specific needs. Our highly-experienced engineering and sales team collaborate with clients to meet the most stringent industry standards in the fields of aerospace, defense, energy and more. But our job is only complete when our employees have not only met, but exceeded your expectations in every aspect of production.

We work with each client from initial design through manufacturing and delivery to produce a solution that will meet the test of time. Our engineering team works in close collaboration with each client – whether creating a design, prototype or a final product – to ensure that every component you receive meets your requirements, business goals and performance expectations.

Due to our implementation of Demand Flow Technology, our delivery times are well below industry standards. Instead of the 10 to 12 weeks many of our competitors offer, we can often deliver your customized product in as little as four weeks.

Torotel offers the highest quality products that are price competitive and delivered when you need them. Our staff is proud of what they accomplish every day and will work with you to create a customized component you will be proud to use.

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